mr Mike Neely come's to express how you can correct you'r wrong in the indurstry ifyou listin close you can find ways toget better streaming and plays also the truth on how the Labels look at how to market your music also on topic how woman can be them selve's but still carry them self with respect that all we have for you tonight please join us again on Royalty Radio 617

Here we are tonight on RoyaltyRadio617 Apollo Godspeed & DaProphecy discusses the Goverment Shutdown, and how it will effect you in your state. - Apollo also dicusses ways you can make it through this Goverment shutdown. Please like, share, subscribe and comment if you have any further info/suggestions to share on this topic. Please follow Dapropecy on Faceboook, Instagram and Twitter!!!!!!

live recording of never before heard freestyle by Apollo Godspeed as he come to many stylels of his life, He gives as a raw uncut style and veracity.

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